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Thread: Export edl in TeD: where is the function!?

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    Question Export edl in TeD: where is the function!?

    I cant find the export edl key!

    Ted Storyboard is VERY useful to make predecision list in compressed video and let the clients finish the work in another prodhouse (with D1 video machines, like example)

    i "see" the batch capture windows, the import edl... but... where is the export edl!?

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    At this point I don't beilve VT3 has this. BTW VT3 is uncompressed, so you can use this as your "online" editor.
    Faraz Ahmed - Amitrace

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    Originally posted by Rich Deustachio
    From the VT3 info page:

    "VT-Edit now supports EDL import and export, allowing the import of Grass Valley, CMX, Sony, and Excel; EDL list formats can be moved in and out of VT-Edit."
    Please tellme:

    HOW i can EXPORT EDLs OUT of VT-Edit!?

    I CANT FIND any command! where is it?


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