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Thread: Looking for VT5 Software

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    Looking for VT5 Software

    Looking to buy VT5 Software with or without the a VT Card. I already own a VT Card, but I'm still running VT3. I can be reached on the forum or by phone at 314-266-5307 Demetrius. Thank you in advance.

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    why not customer services? No wait.

    Anyone selling you the software would be kinda out of line if not with the hardware. Or so I surmise.

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    If anyone gives update files only, user can try VT5 for 25 (?) days. After that he forced to register it's product, because VT did not starts anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnCommonGrafx View Post
    why not customer services? ....
    VT5 upgrades are NLA from NewTek. I have a couple of VT4 upgrades if anyone is interested.

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