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Thread: New Animations Needed!!

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    New Animations Needed!!

    Hi All,

    Thanks for all the help and soon I'll have time to reply to some. (Ya right) Anyway, I'm editing about 10 to 15 jobs a week now in the slow season and I'm running out of animations. We love Hatricks transitions and VT Supports Sports wipes. Can anyone stear me in the direction of even more animations? We own all the Digital Juice stuff and love them too. I really need a scrapbook that doesn't look 20 years old and more thematic wipes. If your a developer I would like to talk to you as well about building our own library. Thanks for looking and have a great editing day!!


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    I made available some transitions a few weeks ago, they are for weddings. Not sure if it is what you need but you can check a preview here:
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    Thanks for the props Willi.
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