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Thread: video?? what?

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    video?? what?

    what does a video toster do besides make video tost??

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    Re: video?? what?

    Originally posted by Max Wolf
    what does a video toster do besides make video tost??
    Video Toaster is a fully-powerd TV Studio-in-a-box, giving you the following abilities in one integrated suite:

    • Real-time nonlinear editing of uncompressed or DV, or both
    • The speed of a storyboard editor, and the power of a timeline editor, or both at once
    • unlimited video and audio layers
    • Professional Production Switcher with real-time 3D transitions, real-time chroma keys, and downstream keys
    • 2D animation, painting, layering and compositing with Aura Video Paint
    • 3D modeling, animation and rendering with LightWave Express
    • ...ALL of this intergated into one integrated productoin and post-production suite, for the special price of $2,499

    Read all the feature details here
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    In short it will do everything besides Toast your bread.
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