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    Three New Titles from is pleased to announce three new titles.

    The Rocketship Project.

    At last, just for Eagle66 The Rocketship Project is complete. In this complete end-to-end project, we touch on everything from scratch modeling to final composite. Learn to model, texture, light, animate, simulate, render and composite for visual effects. Over 10 hours of high quality training from an industry veteran comes to you for a killer introductory package price.

    The Rocketship Project: Rendering and Compositing.

    If you are one of the many who has been following along with The Rocketship Project and getting each part as it comes out, here's the final chapter of the series. Concluding the Rocketship Project, we learn how to create separate render passes that can be used to composite the CG elements onto a live action background. This 2.5 hour set shows you many render tricks and introduces you to compositing using Nuke, one of the most powerful compositing applications on the planet.

    The CG Artist's Guide to Camera Part 1

    New to real cameras? As a CG artist it is critical that you understand Focal Length, Field of View, Depth of Field, Lens types, Camera types, Filmback and many other terms and parameters used in everyday cinematography. Here’s a short, fact-filled primer for you.

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    I digg the Riff at the start ! ohh and training material !
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