Hi all,

Anyone have any idea how to add Channel Groups necessary to allow Volumetric Lighting envelopes to be set up on the Height, Radius and Dissolve channels? I've tried creating them using LScript and CS Commands, but they don't seem to work right (In some instances I can create a ChannelGroup in the object and attach the envelope but it doesn't activate the corresponding Envelope Button in the Volumetric Pael, and when I click on it, the defaults for the panel take over and I lose whatever I applied in the LScript).

It should work based on the CS commands I've used: CommandInput("GE_AddEnv " followed by the channel name in full).

The other method I tried was by adding a ChannelGroup in LScript then trying to attach it to the object doesn't work.

I even tried iterating through the channels on a manually made light with volumetric envelopes applied to it, but the channel parser can't find the channel groups or the channel in question.

Is this a bug in LScript or am I doing something wrong? I can access Intensity, Lens flare envelopes and other channels just fine, it's only Volumetrics which is giving me grief.