We have a TriCaster TCXD300 available for sale.

It is technically a reseller demo unit, but this specific unit has never left the office and has never even had a camera connected to it! The XD300 was only used to test our custom virtual set designs.

Because of its limited utilization, it has probably been powered on less than a cumulative 4-6 days. Not a scratch or issue with it at all.

Ships in original box with all documentation, keyboard, mouse, etc. If we were less scrupulous, we could sell this as a "new" system and no one would ever know.

Please send a PM or e-mail with any questions or for a (discounted) price.

Tim Hedegaard
Virtualsets.com, Inc.
NewTek Authorized Reseller

Customized LiveSets for XD300 and XD850