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Thread: aussie lightwavers

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    aussie lightwavers

    I would just like to thank all you wavers who contributed to my previous thread regarding moving to Aus and let you know that I have now all the\prerequisites and will be in Cairns by November. It has taken a while since I answered my thread since I have been renovating a house in France but finally going to Oz. In between my community work there I will look forward to keeping learning and progressing in LW and travelling the country (including eating all that gorgeous seafood). I might even see some of you there. Any of you those lightwaver with tattoos? ( or less drastically T Shirts) i could recognise you with. Anyway extremely happy about my visa approval so sharing it with all.

    cheers Rikii, Beam et al

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    Hey AnaQuista glad to hear you made it. Cairns should be fun, get ready for the tropical climate, snakes, sharks, crocs, box jellys, stingers, mossies and the NQ lager.

    The seafoods good just as long as it doesn't eat you.

    A friend of mine just came back from Bouganville (north of Aust), here's a pix of the butterflys.

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    Crap that's a big butterfly!

    Congratulations AnaQuista, you didn't time it too well though, it's going to start getting mighty hot and muggy up there soon

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    hey man

    welcome Downunder



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