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    Question texture question

    I have a project I would like to start working on. I have an object w/a base texture, now what I want to do is have another texture crawl over the top of the base texture and over-ride it. What is the best way to go about this?

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    If I am understanding you, you need to have an alpha-image to create the "shape" of the top texture, and use the enveloping options on the texture size/position/rotation for the alpha and image of the top texture that you want to move. The alpha will provide blending or hard edges and shape to your moving texture. It is easiest if the two images are the same size (pixel h/w) so you can set up the motion once, and use the footprint options in the graph editor to duplicate the move with the other surface.

    oh, you want to just add them as layers on the existing surface.
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    If I understand you right, you are wanting to use an alpha channel for the second texture. In the texture, you create a layer for the new texture, and then a layer above it for the alpha, and set its mode to Alpha. I believe the alpha layer affects the layer directly below it. So, you can have a procedural texture that has an alpha layer defining when it comes on that you created in another app. Does this make sense?


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