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Thread: Align Polygons alternative

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    Align Polygons alternative

    Help! I am doing some cad LW work and have flipped polygons all over the place when converting. Align polygons used to be awesome for this. Unify normals has worked 0% of the time so far on anything besides a flat plane. Are there any alternatives to this plugin? I searched my LW 9.6 directory and found no align plugins besides aligner. Any legacy plugins that will work? Im on 64 bit ver. If anything a tool to flip them all the same way would be great. Thanks!!!

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    Maybe your geometry has not merged points, and that's why Unify Normals doesn't work?

    I have Align Polygons, it is still available in LW v9.6. But it's not attached to user interface. You just need to use Edit > Edit Menu Layout, search for "align" and put it somewhere.
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    or merged points or overlapping polygons.
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    No they are definitely merged because to select them I use the expand selection tool from the polygons that need to be affected. I'll double check that they are not double sided polygons but unify polygons does not say anything has been removed. It seems that unify normals does not like the complexity of it. Also, the only way I can get unify normals to affect only the polygons i have selected is to hide everything else, otherwise unify normals changes all polygons on a layer even if I have a certain set selected.

    I definitely do not have the align plug in, whether it is because this is LW 64x or because its still on the install disc. This is ver 9.6 but the disc is 9.3 and then upgraded via newteks 9.6 download upgrade.

    Sigh... off to try more things. I hate to just click double sided on the surface as it will probably cause a headache later esp when it comes to glass surfaces.

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    Just as an FYI to anyone else. I reinstalled LW this time first 9.3 then upgrade to 9.6 on top of it and now I have Align Polygons. Before, I had just installed the 9.6 and transferred over the license. Align Polygons works as expected so all is good :P Thanks guys.


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