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Thread: Another streaming-based ?

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    Another streaming-based ?

    While live switching events on the Toaster, I need to feed two types of users simultaneously, i.e., viewers on our intranet and viewers watching a video feed. Does the Toaster support this? What steps must I take? (I'll be sending the streaming video to our in-house network folks for them to deal with.)

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    I'm gonna go out on a limb (a very THICK one, mind you) and say, no, nothing special to do.
    Streaming is in the computer and the video feed is out of your SX-8 or what have you.

    So, go for it! Let us know if I'm way off base..., though I doubt it.
    Robert Wilson
    UnCommon Grafx

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    Robert's right, the Toaster is always sending a signal to the BOB, and if if Windows Media Encoder live is enabled it will send a signal to it.
    Faraz Ahmed - Amitrace


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