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Thread: Interview with Timothy Albee

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    Yeah, I loved this interview. Still picking up some of the pieces I missed. Also is it just me or is Tim's audio all broken up as well as just bad EQ? There were parts I could not make out what he was saying at all. Any chance to get that fixed? I'd gladly volunteer put it though Vegas and pump it up with some compression and EQ. But the breaking up is also there. Am I alone on this?

    Either way the offer stands if I get the OK to copy it for that purpose and send it back.

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    I did find that his audio was messed up near the end but then it cleared up just before finishing.
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    Well interesting enough, I was able to load it into Vegas but the clip chops off in the middle. It plays fine in Media Player, but it is very difficult to hear on my speakers. I'll try phones. But putting it though a compressor with a little EQ helped alot and I could hear it on my speakers and make out the dialog while I was working around the apartment.

    So if I could get a full audio track that loads all the way through to the end, the offer stands. A shame to loose any of that great interview to poor audio.

    Remember one thing that makes good audio is something that is audible on all systems. ;-).

    Besides that, I always find Tim to be an inspiration and that is putting it mildly. He is a big reason I stuck with LightWave for so long.

    Thanks for putting it there for us. Just great stuff!

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    We compressed the file to fit in 1 upload of 100 megs. So the audio is compressed quite a bit. I can try to redo it, but it wont be this week...

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    Also wow - super fast on the interview upload - I was sad to have missed in in person but I couldn't believe the file was already up for download. Very nice!

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