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Thread: Slow rendering

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    Slow rendering

    Well, I actually created a logo with light beams coming from the back... and it really looks cool................
    but I have been rendering a high res targa for 10 hours, and it's only on 140 frames of 700 frames........... at
    this rate, it will take a week to render............ any ideas on how to get it to render faster?

    My settings are....... Medium, antialacing.
    Field rendering, odd first.
    720x486, resolution.

    My computer has a 2.6 ghtz processor..... I want to stop this, but I don't want to have to start is over if there
    is no way to get it to render faster at this resolution.

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    Render speed is determined by graphic cards and process power. Upgrading to an Open GL card and a dual processor will help, or buy a professional workstation. In Monsters Ink. by Pixar it took 90hrs just to render a scene. The pro's have mega networking stations that fill whole rooms dedicated to just rendering. For the rest of us we must do with what we have. Becarefull in long render times like multiple days. Store bought machines break down quickly they are not made for that type of ware. You can try to increase allocated virtual memory to a higher value in Windows.

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    Is this a completed project? Or are you just experimenting? If it's a finshed project and if you don't have a deadline or you have plenty of time to finish, I say let it render. You may be glad that you rendered it at the quality and resolution you did. If you're just playing around, I'd say cut it off. It's not worth going a week without LW for.

    A few things that can help your rendertimes...

    I assume you're using volumetric lighting for the light beams? What quality do you have it set at? High quality makes for long rendertimes. Try rendering a few frames at a lower quality and see how it looks.

    I don't know if it's still true in 7, but in 6 if you disabled Viper, that could save you some rendering time.

    Turn off the picture viewer. It takes LW time to redraw the screen each render. It'll save clock cycles if you turn it off altogether. Sure it's fun watching it render, are you going to be sitting there watching it 24/7?

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    Broncos30, your video card does not affect render speed. Volumetrics take a lot of horsepower from the cpu...

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    Dude, check out . I just did a check using their render calculator, if you use their automated render farm, your job would be done in about 30 minutes and cost approximately $75.00. Other than that, consider lowering the anti-aliasing to enhanced low, this should save about half the time. See if it would look OK without field rendering, this would save about half the time again, meaning that your entire animation would take approximately 12 hours.

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    Becuase you have already rendered 140 frams, i'd say too late.

    But next time:

    If you are using Windows XP, turn off system restore.
    It will gain you a few seconds per frame.

    Turn off all bells and whistles, Visual cues etc....
    Turn of any system tray items... (Virus Scanners, etc)
    Turn off anything not needed in task manager.

    Turn off the hub. (if it's on)
    Render through screamernet rather than rendering from Layout.

    Reduce the AA level...
    Decrease the amount of rays fired (default 16 is too high generally)
    Increase Adaptive Sampling....
    Turn Volumetrics down to low or medium ...

    You can use Post AA techniques or wavefilter for faster AA.
    Thats all i can think of at the moment.


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