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Thread: HyperVoxel Interaction

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    HyperVoxel Interaction


    Is there a way to have particles created independently from each other in Layout interact together with Hypervoxels? In other words, If you create a point cage in Modeler, bring it into Layout, then add a Null in Layout, give them both Hypervoxel properties, is there a way to have the null interact with the cage via Hypervoxels?

    Picture a lava lamp, the viscosity of one gob of goo affecting another.

    In this case we need several balls to pass through on specific paths both sides of a square all while interacting with each other's surface tension / viscosity, much like you see in Hypervoxels of an independent object / particle cloud.

    Any ideas? I've tried the blend modes / groups in HV with no result.

    A Morph Target could work?...

    I've tried using a wind generator pushing particles through a square emitter, too, but there is a loss of control of the particle path.


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    Create a new group in the HV panel. Assign all objects to the same new group that will have HVs applied. Set the blending mode to additive for all those objects.

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    I tried just changing the spheres to additive, not the square base object too.

    Thanks, Larry.

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