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Thread: new lscript commands from lw9.6... where can I find docu?

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    new lscript commands from lw9.6... where can I find docu?

    Hello everbody,

    as far as I know there are a few new lscript commands since Lw9.6. Is there a link to a description or documents for this new commands?

    And wich is the actual version of lscript? 2.11?

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    The SDK documentation from Check the sdk release notes (the lscript additions are usually at the bottom) and the lscript folder.

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    thank you evenflcw... But I can only find notes for lscript 2.8 (lw9). Isnīt there a newer version of lscript with new commands for lw9.6? I downloaded the latest sdk 1545...

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    Hm maybe checking old beta release notes in OB forum? Was mostly on the new radiosity settings if I remember correctly... and lscript gizmo.

    Or go through lscript commander "command sequence" tab or print out command list? my plugins

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    thank you walfridson...

    I already know how to set radiosity values, but not how to get them (without reading it from scenefile). I used searchfunction in forums alot but could not find the specific threat...



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