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Thread: What's The Difference

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    What's The Difference

    What's the diffeence between [DFX+] and[Digital Fusion]?

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    You should really post this question to the DF - General discussion.

    But what I know about the subject:
    I think that DFX+ doesn't have particles and some other neat things in the full (Digital Fusion) version. Don't know for sure, though...

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    dfx+ and DF

    df is your full complete package of fusion.

    dfx+ is the same package with several fx tools removed, which can be added seperately on an as needed basis, so if you never want to work with particles in fusion for example, you can elect not to add that particular module.

    as well, there are a few differences which might be major influences for your decision making-

    df is 8, 16 bit and floating point while dfx+ is 8 bit only.

    i think there maybe more issues here but these are the ones that spring to mind right away.

    go there for more.
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