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Thread: Noob Question: UVW map. Whats the W really?

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    Noob Question: UVW map. Whats the W really?

    ok so what does W coordinate stands for?

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    UV is just a standard cartesian system, representing x,y values. Since the UV data is associated with 3d data, which I believe is an "ordinal system" (don't quote me on that though), the data must wrap to 3 places. Hence the W, as in (u,v,w) => (x,y,z). Otherwise, a point (u,v) can not be wrapped to its "ordinal."

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    You might question why you need a depth coordinate like W for a 2D plane. One reason is because it's sometimes useful to be able to flip the orientation of a map, relative to its geometry. To do this, you need the third coordinate. The W coordinate also has a meaning for 3-dimensional procedural materials.
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