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Thread: 64bit NormalMapCreate or alternative?

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    64bit NormalMapCreate or alternative?

    i would like to know if 64bit version of NormalMapCreate exists
    as this page is couple of years unupdated...
    or any alternative to quickly make normalmaps from hires to lowres geometry?

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    Why do you need 64 bit? 32 bit programs will run just fine on a 64 bit machine (I speak for Windows though, I know nothing about Macs).

    You could try xNormal. It's free.

    EDIT: Oh it's a plugin for lightwave? Sorry, still xNormal is awesome!
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    thanks.. i didnt know i can run 32bit on 64 (but i need to install lightwave 32too)..
    anyway.. thats what i found just today

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    As you have found, there are probably more current plugins and methods for creating normal maps in LW x64. But just in case someone might find it useful:

    I only compiled the x64 versions and did not test the plugins at all under LW x64, so use them with caution.


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