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    Grass with HDI/explanation + files

    Grass has been my nemesis for a while and I had some serious issues with it. When I saw the thread about Autograss for Max I supposed it was time for another go at it, using the instancing plugin from Happy Digital. I need grass :P

    End result:

    Rendertime for 720p: +- 7 minutes

    Attached is a movie to show that it holds up in animation and the scene + models to render it. Did not add 2 textures I was unsure about regarding the rights.

    It is basically the tutorial as on the HDI site, but with GI and weightmapping on each leaf and the ground to force some more depth in. And 2 extra objects to get a bit of clovers and flowers :P

    Then add about 8 hours of tweaking, rendering and testing and I got the above. I'm pretty sure that those objects and settings can now be used pretty well on other jobs without taking the 8 hours again to set it up.

    The image is perhaps not the best know to mankind regarding grass, but it is good enough so that I know I can use it in prod. and finally overcome my grass issues

    Hope you find a gooduse for it, and if you can improve the look/renderspeed I'd be very gratefull if you pass back the improvements.

    ps: The movie has DoF and slight MB done in post. More importantly it has "Neat Video"plugin applied to it, to do temporal blurring on the grass in the distance. Without that it is almost impossible to get rid of sampling issues when using a few pixels to visualize zillions of poly's.
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