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    Is Quattro still a tool that lives in LightWave v9.6?

    Used to get rid of gimbal lock?...

    Can't seem to find it.


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    If you're sure of the spelling, open the configure menus panel and use the search there. It can only find exact matches though (ghetto!)
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    It's still there.
    It's spelled "Quatro" and can be found in the Configure Menus panel in Layout (Alt+F10 by default) by searching for the word Quatro.
    By default it's not assigned to a shortcut key, or a menu - just one of many hidden, otherwise inaccessible plugins relegated to the "Additional" graveyard.
    Actually, I'm not sure where it is by default these days, since all that stuff seems to change with every new version... but it's still there in any event.
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