I'm using 9.6 on a Mac (2.8, 8G of RAM) but maybe this problem is more widespread.

I'm creating an animation using some Hard FX, but periodically, and somewhat arbitrarily, Lightwave will hang up on a calculation, or when stopping a preview, or just because I click and move something.

That in itself is a problem, but the bigger one is that somehow my scene file gets corrupted and will no longer open. So I began saving iterations every so often. That too is hassle enough, but for some reason my iterations are now getting corrupted 2 and 3 versions back. When opening, Lightwave will go through its motions, show me the stage and then nothing but beach ball.

Not even digging an older theoretically "clean" file out of Time Machine seems to make any difference. "Save As" is apparently not protecting the older versions. It's possible the file is not corrupt and it's Layout - but I can't even open the files when switching machines. Same beach balling. Force quit is my only out.

3 steps forward, 4 steps back. Fun, you know...