Hey all, this is my first post.

I just wanted to share with everyone how Jose really came through for me on my first Tricaster project.

Due to the total lack of real feature rich video tutorials explaining how to use the Tricaster Studio, I turned to the forum here to find help... then I stumbled upon a thread where someone was giving this guy Jose big props for coming through...

...we were up against the clock and needed a custom lower third to match the lower third we've been using from our old production and Jose walked us through the process on how to create a custom title... (like I really have the time to read that HUGE manual)

anyway this guy was crucial in our broadcast, and he was reasonably priced... and he even worked on a holiday to see to it that our production got what it needed...

I recommend him and look forward to using him in the future... find him here: http://burgosfx.com/BURGOSFX/Contact.html

NOTE TO TRICASTER MAKERS: Hire this guy to make basic, entry level, video tutorials... your sales overview videos just don't do the trick.