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Thread: Speeding up Blurry reflections with Nodes.

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    Hey Tobian, I'd like to thank you for this tip on decoupling the reflection (or anything really) recursion depth from the global one. Even though I wasn't so amazed before.

    It sure is helping me very nicely in my current scene. It dropped rendertimes by a factor of 8. And for that, I happily sacrifice the secondary effects of recursed reflections.

    Thanks mate.. appreciated.

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    Ahh I am glad it's working out. Yeah It can be very scene dependant, I have found myself and multi-cores affects it too, but it's nice to have, as opposed to nothing, which is the other option!

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    also use Neat Video to remove noise, works great...(!)
    discussion thread,
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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    also use Neat Video to remove noise, works great...(!)
    They finally made a video version! I've been a user of Neat Image for years.

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