Star Wars the Forgotten (www.swtheforgotten.com) is a 90 minute fan film that is knee deep in post production. Even though this is a live action film, there is a LOT of CG. Over 80% of the locations are CG. Green screens, love and hate them. Love: making the movie is cheaper. Hate...post production takes forever.

Anyway, we need several people who are good with lighting and texturing virtual sets, including placing cameras in the sets to make our Background plates. The models are done, or 98% done with just a bit of tweaking needed, but they need to be made to look real.

Fan Film = Non-Profit and no budget. This is a volunteer thing. Specific credit will be given, so people know exactly what you did. This is good for demo reel material as well.

Please check out the website to see how serious we are and email me if you're interested. I look forward to working with you.