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Thread: Selling Lightwave... 9.0

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    Selling Lightwave... 9.0

    Hi guys

    I have had Lightwave 9.0 since it was launched and unfortunately have not played used it for about a year now. I neither have the time nor the desire to do 3D graphics. I reached my skill potential some time back and have now decided to concentrate on my real love - music.

    Which brings me to my question. I have a fully licensed legitimate copy with dongle of Lightwave 9.0

    a) is it legal to sell this on

    b) how much would it be worth do you think.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    NewTek are nice and flexible about selling licenses, you just need to let them know I think, or is it the person who buys it needs to let them know, can't remember.

    Either way, much more flexible than other 3D companies.

    Worth - no idea.
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    Actually it is now Lightwave 9.6 as I rather sensibly decided to upgrade to the latest version.

    Good old Newtek. I wish I had the time and skills to continue.

    Thanks for your reply.


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