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Thread: Custom Transitions (*.dve)

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    Sorry - I'm going off of memory- but I made it an .RTV file out of Lightwave. .RTV Alpha Screamer..... It has to be alpha.

    Also I had to make two versions of it in Lightwave - one that was exactly what I wanted as the "Transition Channel" and then one that filled the screen at the end "Alpha" Channel. Aura requires one of them to fill the screen and stop or at least at some point hit each part of the screen. This becomes the "Alpha" channel... The alpha channel actually becomes the next angle or "B" angle. So when it fills the screen in Aura- you actually hold and stop it at full screen. Then the transition channel carries on and off the screen. The transition channel is always visible, even if the alpha channel is there.

    So for example - say you had a basketball. Your transition and alpha channel would follow the exact same path as the b-ball came flying into the screen up to 50% then the alpha would stop full screen and fill the screen while stopped- the transition channel flies off the screen and all that is left is the alpha channel. Since the alpha channel is actually the next angle - that is what is you see as a DVE. It's really hard to explain.
    download this zip file with a DVE in it and look at the basketball I got from the Sports pack that I added the school Logo to.
    You can see it in action here:

    See how the basketball comes full screen. up to the full screen point both the transition and alpha are following the exact same path. Then the transition path leaves the alpha behind and the alpha since it is full screen shows the next angle.

    Now one mistake I made on this transition(.DVE) is I believe you are supposed to put a single frame at the front of the Aura timeline so you can actually see a snapshot of the DVE when it is populated in your list.

    Oh you will have to find your path for your tricaster on your harddrive where all the .dve reside. You can do a windows search for .dve and place in there. When it is on your transition bar - it will be a black frame, so it will seem like it isn't even there but it should work.

    It took me hours and hours and hours to figure out- and then I was so burned out that I didn't do it again- which was stupid- now I'll need to go re-learn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonRaidel View Post
    so i need to render the files out to what using lightwave? and then i need aura to get a .dve file?
    "DVE creation kit" is a standalone plugin for lightwave, you dont need aura for use this plugin. Install it in lightwave and create your dves using its features.

    Also aura have a good tool for create dves but it not support reflections, shadows and other features that your only are capable to create with "dve creation kit for lightwave". However with the aura tool you also can create great dves.

    Of course you can also render images/sequences and use these images/sequences with aura for overlays and even stencils for create dves from inside aura.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lvsoule View Post

    The trick was to realize that there is a transition-layer/render which uses all "Non-Alpha" for the "B" Video, and it is separate from the overlay "Your Graphic". Then you roll them simultaneously in Aura- then you stop the "Transition" channel at full screen and hold. The overlay continues on to finish it's exit and the transition holds the next angle solid at full screen. My explanation is also sub-par.... But it may help someone get over the edge....
    I'm stuck with the same problem. Can anyone explain what this means? I am creating wipes from png image sequences but the switch always happens at the end of the transition.


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