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Thread: IK both ways

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    yes it does... (the main rotor, back rotor is slightly simplier)..
    and this is kind of simple setup, there are helicopter heads with two sets of proppellers one above other and rotating in oposite directions

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    I didn't know a helicopter moved like that? Really nice rig!

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    Watched the vimeo. Wow!

    You mentioned 'about that scene, ill probably post it if theres some interest in it'.

    I'm very interested. Way beyond my skill level!

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    here you go
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    learning some lscript basics (motion modifiers)
    i made first version of car rig
    for chassis control i wrote custom lscript
    for springs i slightly edited (added y offset, limited to y movement)

    uploading now, waiting in line, should be online in few hours

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    hi, is there any chance to get a hold of the car rig script? some wavers will find it helpful, or are you selling it online?

    btw, loved the blade rig you made
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    hi erikals,
    i dont have much time these days to develop that car rig more, i can share the unfinished rig, but its usage is limited

    for more advanced rigs with ease of use i recommend Walfridsons vehicle rigger

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    i have that one,.. thanks though
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