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Thread: CGenie interviews Jay Roth

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    CGenie interviews Jay Roth

    Jay Roth, NewTek President of 3D, was interviewed by CGenie online magazine, where he discussed customer feedback on LightWave and the major shift that is LightWave CORE.

    Read the interview here:

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    Good interview. Thanks for posting it.

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    Very interesting read
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    NT seems to "get it" and seem so put together in the interviews, as opposed to when they unveiled CORE and I was left asking "what just happened?"

    Maybe its just my perception not reality?

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    17,854 me some things in the interview feels like bones without flesh..considering it seems very much more focused on Lightwave core than Lightwave 9 series.

    I can understand that, since itīs an opportunity to market the core product.

    However it just doesnīt sound right somehow, talking about "things add up to position newtek lightwave core as the best choice for 3d animation,
    thatīs merely speculations and strong beliefs of where and how the product will be sometime in the future since itīs seems to me being in the cradle still, that could have been refrazed as "lightwave core Might be the best choice"
    but what can you say, in love and war and marketing, everything is allowed

    And right time to rebuild ..well, sure yes and no, could have started earlier perhaps, and rebuild out of context from the fact that no new features will be continued in lw 9.6 series doesnīt feel right either, not for me anyway.

    sure Jay could have extended the interview if the lw 9.6 series would have
    continued adding features and thereby giving more flesh and bone security to current customers and new customers ready to jump in or over to lightwave.

    Well yahh..sometime Newtek comes to the point that they have to leave the 9.6 series completly, I just donīt think this was the right time regarding the core progress up until now.

    I really liked the Kim Davidson/sidefx interview, especially this...

    "We actually open up a lot of our support resources to our Houdini Apprentice Community and they get their software for free. Everyone can go online and inspect the daily Version log for changes. We don't hide tutorials and forums inside the support program because that wouldn't be good for the overall health of the community. Even daily builds are available to everyone. Customers join our AUP program for direct access to our support staff and for the major and dot releases we put out every year."

    Im not sure if they have a completly different Philosofy on marketing and making daily builds available so they could get direct access to customer and potential customers suggestions.



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