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Thread: Moving a Clip or Still within a Crop

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    Moving a Clip or Still within a Crop

    I'm trying to do something that I did all the time with the editor in VT2. Crop a clip or still, then move the image within the newly defined crop area using controls in the position panel called PAN x and y. These motions could be keyframed. You could even do size changes within the cropped area.

    I've seen the post from 2007 called Crop Tracking which seems to be about the same topic, and hoped this feature had been returned to the editor. I used this feature alot and it will be a major pain if it is missing from SE.

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    Yeah, it's still around, only the name was changed. Check your tabs in the workspace for "Control Tree" and inside that tab for "Positioning". That should control your x & y axis to let you move your image around, or keyframe if you want. There are also controls for 3D positioning inside the Control Tree or Selected Clip Properties workspaces.

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    I dont believe that the pan x and y option within a crop area has been there for a long time. I have asked about this before and nada from NewTek.
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