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Thread: Workaround for Resizing Multiple Lines of Text, Numerically and Simultaneously?

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    I still have an upright Moviola (not even a flatbed) in my studio next to my VT5 workstation.

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    Two IVC reel-to-reel decks, armed with a stopwatch in an attempt to synchronize "backtiming" and edit on the fly......

    Ahhhh.....those were the days.....

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    show your age...

    age - 53

    Started out in TV just when 3/4 Tape and RCA TK 76 rigs were pushing out daily film processing for the 6 & 10 newscasts.

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    OT: Is Our Buddy "Pete Draves" Still Around These Parts?

    Goodness, Pete!
    I suspect by now would be your 70th! If so, Happy Belated Birthday, Guy.
    -The *other* "Pete"

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    I've got you all beat - I'll be 73 in October. Still have fond memories of the liquid, microscope, and razor blade for cutting quad tape. My upright Moviola still works and my non-profit ( has three Amiga Video-Toaster Flyers up for sale.

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    Still here... yup, 70, Argh!
    just got rid of my old 1 inch machine, boy threat head motor sounded like a jet taking off.
    I'll be good and last as much as dweinkauf there.
    I don,t know much but I like the video from my 7D.
    Well most af the parts are still here, VA is good.
    Thanks for the BD message
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    Pete Draves
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    Oak Creek, WI
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    You'll notice I carefully stayed out of this one.

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