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Thread: Smart motion Graphics in STUDIO and BROADCAST

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    Here's a quick tip for creating animated lower 3rds I discovered accidentally.

    Make sure the first and last frames of the animation are 100% alpha. ( nothing on screen ) I usually also throw in a 1 second or so "pause point" in the animation if that works with what you are trying to do.

    I load the list of animated cg's in order into one of the DDRs. Make sure the DDR is set to play the "selection" and not "list".

    Select one of the clips but don't play it. Select the proper DDR in the graphics overlay ( DSK ) and hit take or fade. Nothing will happen.

    Hit play on the DDR to trigger the animation. If you created a pause point in the animation, you can pause the DDR and leave the CG up as long as you want. ( obviously this won't work it the CG has a moving "jump back" style element to it.) hit play again, and the clip will play to the end. Since the last frame is blank, when the animation finishes, nothing it displayed.

    You can now select a different clip, and even though the DSK is still keying, nothing appears onscreen, until you play the clip.

    Using this trick basically turns one of your DDRs into the CG, and IMHO is the biggest selling point of the Studio over the lesser models. If I'm ever doing a gig on a Pro or 100 it feels "broken" to me.

    I was doing an MTV gig, and they sent some animated elements that were all messed up, so I had to re-render everything in LW, and it was here that I discovered the "Blank First and Last" trick, and I always use it now. They had these elements that animated stretching across the bottom of the screen. I had to put the text on the elements, and animate the text to fit on the bkg bar. TC Edit's "Clip Control" panel made quick work of it, and I was able to use the "Inherit" function so creating the first element took 5 minutes or so, and each additional name was only a few seconds.

    Bob Anderson

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    Bob, can you send me an example?




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