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Thread: Broadcast Tricaster using Skype

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    Broadcast Tricaster using Skype

    Hi everyone. I run a bunch of podcasts for CNET TV and I have hit a wall. Hoping some of you can help me out.

    In a few weeks I will have outfitted our NY studio with a Tricaster rig. I'm located in San Francisco, and on our podcast, we bring our NY co-host into the Tricaster feed in SF via Skype. Currently, she's brought in via webcam which, in comparison with the quality of the equipment in SF, looks horrible.

    Once I install NY's Tricaster rig, they will have the same awesome equipment as us in SF. Since this is a daily podcast, I want the ability to bring NY's Tricaster feed (probably no more than a single isolated camera shot) through Skype into my feed. Skype has such low latency that it seems to work really well for getting us the video and still staying in sync with the ISDN audio that we receive from NY.

    Anyone accomplish this feat? How would you go about it? Installing Skype on the Tricaster doesn't seem like the best way to go (and a bird tells me that it doesn't work anyways)... so how would you accomplish this?

    Thanks for all your insight.
    Jason Howell
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    Did you try a search for Skype in the forums? I know there have been a couple going recently, they detail using iVGA as one option, the other is using s-video out/in.

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