hello everybody !

fisrt appologize for my bad english !

I have just buy lightwave3D 9.6 recently, the objective is to use it to create liveset and virtualset for tricaster studio !
but i'm wondering how to make it !
if anyone have to share some technics i will appreciate it !

I think i should start by create the environnement i allready make 3D in blender and 3DS and it is not a real probleme beacause it is a standard environnement !

but it is my first project in lightwave3D !

My question is how to make it compatible with tricaster ! i know about the plugin but when i install it it tell me to install 9.3 version of lightwave !

lightwave should now support it natively ?
or what format i should use to export my scene !

all this things are not very clear for me i really appreciate your help !

thanks very much !