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Thread: Fit to Fill Command or Workaround

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    Fit to Fill Command or Workaround

    What I am trying to do is when I have a 20 second clip, I want to highlight the filter, set to outpoint where I want the filter to be done [based on the clip length] and then have the effect (filter) stretch to that outpoint at the (current play head position).

    Does anyone understand what I am trying to do?

    From the Avid days, I forget the apple-command to do it. It was called "fit to fill" and is on other systems I have used previously. I did open my Chapter 8 VT docs regarding Speed Edit and searched "fit to fill" and did not find a command that seems to do this trick.

    I am working on a Christian Video (120 minute "film") direct to DVD project.

    I am on the color correction part of the post. I have extensively used the control tree and have learned far more than I ever wanted to know about YUV offset, mid tone re-white balancing, etc, etc. It has been a long road.

    Well, last week I purchased some Color Filter's from Bob Tasa. I bought One Touch, and Bobs 3 Wheeler. Even though I have much of the work completed, using this plug ins or "filters" that reside in the Effects folder has really been a blessing. In a future post I want to share my experience of the color correction journey, and with 7 days to go, and Bob really saved my reputation. Production mistakes were made, which added a great deal of work from the beginning of the post production.

    The SE control panel gives users an incredible amount of control over the video signal. I read many articles on color correction before I started, and also tried to use the "less is more" style in the CC.

    Well, I am having an extremely productive day cleaning up scenes 42-52 (There are only 55, so that is the best news).

    In several of these scenes, the clips are rather long. They are longer than then default 10 second length that I have me filers to be when I drag them to the SE Timeline. There is an opening courtroom scene which is about 10% of the "movie" and a reprise of the same location for another 5% of the piece during the redemption section. I am saving these for last, in case a "fit to fill" tool has eluded me, and someone reads this on a Sunday afternoon.

    The would certainly not only apply to Bob Tasa's plug ins, but rather and effect that is on the time line.

    If this doesn't exist, is there anyone else who would use this feature (If I were to make a feature request), or is everyone happy with the drag the filter to the correct length?

    As always comments and suggestions are always welcome.

    If you have a top secret technique that you would like to send to me personally send it to kurth AT avalonvideo DOT com.

    Thanks kindly for your time.

    Kurt from out on the silicon prairie.

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    Hi Kurt,

    If I understand what you are asking.. you want a quick way to place an effect on the timeline and have it automatically set the length to match a clip?

    One way to do itr is to copy the clip you want to have the effect applied to, place the copy of the clip directly below the original on the timeline. Grab the effect from the filebin and do a 'Hold Alt' inherit drop on to the copied clip.

    The effect will automatically set itself to that length, but it does not take on any of the attributes. So if you made color adjustments on a clip, and do the above with the color correction filter, the filter does not take on those attributes, even tho it is an 'inherit/alt' drop.
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    Well, since I didn't ever know about a fit to fill command, it wasn't something I ever wondered about! What I do in a situation like that, is click to select the long clip, then hit Enter. That resizes the window to the size of the clip. Then I'd hit Q on the keyboard, to put the cursor on the beginning of the clip. Then I'd add the effect or what ever I was adding. It would then start at the beginning of the clip. Now if the original clip isn't still selected, click it again, then hit W to take you to the end of the clip. Ideally by now you can still see the whole clip, but sometimes the window shifts on you, so adjust to see the whole clip. Then I just grab the end of the effect until I'm at the end of the clip. Its not elegent, but goes pretty quickly for me. I would think that if my cursor was where I wanted the effect to end at ,if I hit O it would stretch to my Outpoint, that may work, I haven't tried that lately. It seems like I've tried that before and can't remember.

    Jim's Inherit idea is also pretty slick, I wouldn't have thought of that for this situation. Just goes to show how flexible this software is, to have so many ways to use it

    Best wishes
    Carlin Comm
    BlueStar Productions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seattle-HotShot View Post
    I would think that if my cursor was where I wanted the effect to end at ,if I hit O it would stretch to my Outpoint, that may work, I haven't tried that lately.
    This does work, and is the easiest method. I use this method on a regular basis with timecode, solid colors, hold still, etc. Just set the start point of the effect/filter where you want it, make sure the effect/filter is selected, go to the desired end point, and hit O.

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    Thanks kindly for the replies. I will try moving my cursor after highlighting the filter.

    I should have thought of that. Even though it's not called "fit to fill", the idea fits the bill. Thanks for the useful ideas and discussion.

    I am back to work on the movie this afternoon, so your timing is superb.

    Much thanks to the community members for answering my question.


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