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Thread: Enable Light Intensity Envelope

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    Enable Light Intensity Envelope

    Ok, I am completely boggled.

    I was very happy to be able to create a new channel/envelope "Intensity" for an AddPointLight() using the Envelope() command...

    However, this channel seems to have no bearing on the actual light intensity. In fact, it does not enable the envelope button for light intensity and when that button is manually enabled another identically named channel "Intensity" pops up (the real deal)... Am I missing something? Seems like something is disconnected with my newly hatched channel?

    Maybe there is another, kinder way to enable the Light Intensity envelope for a light in Lscript? That would help.


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    I don't know. I don't know if it is a hidden channel, or one that is created internally upon pressing the E button.

    If it's hidden it may show up if you wrote a small lscript to cycle through and list the channels.

    If not, you may have to create your own function to handle the new envelope you created.
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