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Thread: 1st time playing with ClothFx

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    1st time playing with ClothFx

    Have been playing with LW for a few weeks when I can find the time on weekends- here is my first run with clothfx-- my question is why does the cloth seem to levitate a bit after leaving the plane, and then fall? I thought all of my settings looked right. The plane is a collision object, set as "object" not a "plane."

    Yes, I'm a super-newb, but I have to say thanks to all who help out on this forum, and to NewTek.
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    try object advanced, isntead of just object? its doing it for a reason, so somewhere in your settings something is happening.

    id also recommend setting your SubD order to LAST so at render time u can crank up the res on your cloth and have it look smoother and not so polygony. this also works for calculations, but slows things down. though, iv found it to be workable in small scale things like this. you should be able to set it to last and a display level of at least 1, and still get fast caluclations. then, set the render level to 3 or 4.
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