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Thread: Live video scrambled

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    As allegfede tried different cable and inputs earlier, seems unlikely its a cable issue. And I'd expect a fresh installation to have corrected any software config issue to a point where one could at least see a picture ...
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    Yes JoelKarr, the system is configured as PAL because that's the standard here in Italy

    I suppose I can try cleaning contacts of the pci board and spray some contact cleaner product on the video connectors (vga/bnc/flex/bridge_card etc...) but .... the problem, I suppose, would be connected to the video-in chain of analog video sources (dv input works well).

    does anybody had hardware failure of the vt board before? How many time you get the board back? How much did you pay for the fix?

    ps: do you think a firware update could be a try to fix some ASIC damaged areas?


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    One part of the NewTek "Coolness" factor Federico is that fixes are FREE beyond your shipping cost to get the hardware to them. Not sure when you're located outside the US, but for us in "the States" they ship it back to you by the same means as you ship to them (ie overnight or whatever), on their hook.
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    toaster board goes to france :D

    Excellent politics of Newtek to fix the hardware failures for free (except shipping cost).

    Wonderfull hardware, excellent software and awesome customer care ....

    I'll buy newtek stuff everytime I need something they could sell

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