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Thread: Newtek Core?

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    Quote Originally Posted by harlan View Post
    Well, you're not really paying for a subscription. NewTek is planning on releasing major/ordinal updates to LWCORE every year - and those updates will cost around $395-$595 (just like the upgrades we've had over the years to Lightwave, with the exception of the free point releases) - the only real difference is that we get a year long membership to the HardCORE group as part of the upgrade which will allow us to access developmental builds for free.

    Thanks for your post.

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    they better have a 5 year hat

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    well as i posted elsewhere ... i live from LIGHTWAVE i make money out of it and that far more than subscription ... looking this way i really have no problems to pay subscription to newtek as long i get steady development and good per year release.
    for me this is sold and i am waiting for subscription order page.
    lw core will be dongle free by that i think we will be able to order anywhere...
    new web page up

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    lets see if lw core works better than their presentation I bet mr peebler is laughing

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    Quote Originally Posted by harlan View Post
    Well, you're not really paying for a subscription.
    well 3dsmax subs operate much like this...we get some of the developments early such as bug fixes and plugins destined for next major release before time...also subs on 3dsmax are cheaper than the standard upgrade price so they want you on subs and it pays you to be on subs too...

    sounds like subcription to me...which is not a bad thing..give's newtek a good idea on the revenue from current users to spend on developing the apps...

    subs price appears to be $495 btw.
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    I just left a very heated chat that started after the video. Really heated, including myself. I was dissapointed and felt cheated with that video. But later has changed.

    You must know Chuck and Jay are aware of the sensation that the presentation produced on many of us. And I am sure they will correct it for next presentations.

    And chuck has been VERY VERY VERY kind answering many of our questions on the chat. My hat goes to him, really. I will let others to say anything else that was talked on that conversation with him.

    What it is shown on the video it is the tip of the iceberg.

    And about the render nodes question it is still 999 nodes like now. Someone asked on the chat.

    The FAQ:

    And from there:

    How much does it cost to join HardCORE™ ?

    * LightWave v9 owners gain HardCORE™ membership for US$395 (Charter Member price) through March 31, 2009, beginning April 1, HardCORE™ annual memberships for LightWave v9 owners will increase to US$495.

    * LightWave owners using any previous version of LightWave may upgrade to LightWave v9 US$495 and receive a one year membership to HardCORE™ .

    * Companion Upgrades to LightWave v9 will only be available through March 31, 2009 at a cost of US$595 and come with a one year membership to HardCORE™ .

    * New LightWave v9 purchases are available for US$895 and come with a one year membership to HardCORE™ .

    There is a windows, mac an linux version for the 395$ dollars update. So that is a bargain.

    And the technical FAQ it is here:

    Read it slowly, there is a lot to digest:


    Core looks MUCH better on paper (The technical FAQ) that on that video. In fact looks like, what at least, I was expecting for.

    And they need to drop the HardCORE™ term ASAP, really sounds awful. Rethink it and use a term less prone to jokes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mav3rick View Post
    lw core will be dongle free by that i think we will be able to order anywhere...
    speaking of dongles, if I have an lw 8 dongle, can that be used when upgrading to 9?

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    I dont understand why some users are upset with subscription? As Jay said, if you adopt CORE early by joining the hardcore membership program, you save $200. Thats a savings for me. It's a savings for them too. Its the new lightwave that we all have been asking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jin choung View Post
    don't know about you but there were a bunch of us for whom software subscriptions were no gos.

    Mmmm I don't know... This seems like a more reasonable sort of subscription model. Hopefully more details are to follow and I can come to a more solid conclusion. At this point however I don't feel like am being punished for not jumping on the bandwagon now so much as I am being offered an enticement to join early. The price really does seem inline with the new features. Actually it seems like a real bargain. I was pretty happy to see instancing and I also like the way history and actions are being handled. Those features could really change the way I work.

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    It just keeps hitting me that we're hearing that LW Core will be available to hardcore members in Q1.

    I'm as excited as anybody and that's why this pisses me off! There's this huge hype engine that gets cranked up for Feb 2009 (1/3 into Q1) and LWC is not ready for people who will pony up the $$$ right now!! Not only that, but there's no specific date either! We've been down this path before with NT and dates and we all know why.

    My point is: Why not just delay the friggin media hype until they know when LWC beta can be downloaded? If it is indeed happening in Q1, then we're talking sometime before 3/31/09. Something tells me we're not going to see the LWC beta until well past Q1. I'm not a pessimist, just 'keeping-it-real' as anybody that's been a Lightwave user for years, knows where I'm coming from.

    Give it up gray man, we want answers!

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    So I insist...

    Quote Originally Posted by wfstecko View Post
    I'm also wondering how to order it. When I first purchased Lightwave in November 2008 I couldn't purchase it directly from Newtek's site because I live in Canada. The NT sales rep said I had to order it through a local reseller. I hope this won't be the case with Core. I never had that inconvenience with any other software I purchased.
    It sucks... Why I can't purchase the software on the site, with my international card, and download it later (like Z-brush)? That type of sale reduces dramatically the final price for other countries. Am I wrong with this? Everybody knows that usb-dongle isn't 100% effective.

    So I insist... Somebody knows what happens?
    I'm thinking about the deal.

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    Hmm I have not seen the video, but I suspected it wouldn't have been very informative...
    The faqpage does plenty for me on that..

    Now the thing is ... $395 sounds real nice, but what will Newtek-Europe make of it? €395 w/o taxes? coming to $551 w/o tax? Forgot what the tax rates are in France, but it'll not make it a friendlier price.

    Ahh am so darned used to EU getting dollar=euro schemes, perhaps pricing might be at €285 or so, making it a favorable price

    Or can we Euros expect the same "Buy now! for $395" button on the page to work for us, since I'll assume we're still talking mostly downloaded software...

    Hmm and another thing, the "annual subscription" model needs a LOT more explanation before I am fully convinced.
    Leaves me mostly wondering that if theres a long term trajectory, how many features will the core start out with?? If its the full feature set copied from 9.6 like has been rumored before, then what to expect down the road?
    Or would the subscription model not be "point release" based (which are essentially bugfixes), but add-ons and plugins? and perhaps those can be skippable? For example, if focus in 2010 would be solely on Character Animation, can users who don't need it skip it and still hope for bugfixes?
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    So what am I buying exactly?

    Did i miss it or was there some mention of further expounding on what exactly Lightwave Core is going to have. Sure, LW is and has been my main 3D app for years so I doubt I won't get it but asking to have early adopters when they've barely shown much of what its going to be....

    Don't get me wrong, I'm quite optimistic about all of this and agree with the direction they're taking but are they going to announce a more complete feature list during this early buy period? Maybe some demo videos of this lady in action?
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    This whole thing looks mirculiusly amazing. Everyone not seeing the potential doesn't have any imagination. All the restrictions of past LW versions are gone. ALL off them. Allt things that's been holding Lw back are history... fully configurable, extendable scriptable everything...
    It's an amazing show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stooch View Post
    I bet mr peebler is laughing
    doubt he's laughing at the app.

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