The storyboard concept of SpeedEdit is interesting but it needs a few extra features to make it a more useful tool in the production preparation process of a real film.

Other packages (almost the same price as SE) only focus on this storyboarding while SpeedEdit can do a lot more!

When assembling and sharing storyboards at the start of a (video/animation) project and of course during the entire production process one might need these features:

- print storyboard (on paper / to pdf), including text from an external text file (copyrights info, author, date/time, version, etc)

- customize (storyboard) screen aspect ratio (16:9 at least, 4:3 is dead)

- add text fields beneath the picture frame (instead of filename) for actor text, action, light/camera suggestions, etc.

- edit picture file in your favorite application and update the data when I say so.

Without further additions to SE you already can sync pictures with temp audio recordings for blocking, lip-sync and lighting in LightWave.
Therefore you might need:

- Render range of selected (!) storyboard/timeline items, including audio to AVI file