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Thread: Creating a sky without using pictures

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    Creating a sky without using pictures

    I need to know how to make a blue sky without using a picture since they never seem to look quite real. I'm using a handcam type camera feel and following a shuttle over a violent ocean. I'm using hepervoxels to create more realism like using streamers and fog patches to go through. The problem is my sky looks greenish. I'm not sure if it's the fog I'm using or what but I would like to create a real looking sky and I know there needs to be a fresnel type colour change in it as well and know that the sky gets lighter the closer it is to the light. Close meaning visual. I can already make the clouds so I'm ok with that.
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    I did a couple of large packs of skies exported from Vue and made them available for download over on Foundation 3d... What sort of sky are you after?
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