To Jonny Gorden, author of the Lightwave 3D 8 Cartoon Character Creation books, THANK YOU !!!

For a decade and a half I tried to create organic characters using Caligari's TrueSpace but I could never wrap my head around the techniques needed to do it. With Caligari taking TrueSpace in a new direction, one which I didn't like, I closed the door on a decade and half of work and moved over to Lightwave 3D 8, finding myself back on Square 1, back at the beginning, learning how to create a cube, a sphere, how to apply a texture, etc.

For the past few months I've been tinkering away in Lightwave, learning the package, the tools, etc. A few days ago, I picked up your two books (which I actually bought when they were originally released) and sat down and followed the instructions on creating Morfi. TWO DAYS later, I was stunned to find I had done just that, I had actually modelled my first ever organic model.

Putting Morfi aside, I started a new model just to see if I could do it myself and in less then an hour I created Furry Bear here.

He's nowhere hear as good looking as Morfi, and I'm sure the skilled users here will look at Furry Bear and laugh, but to me, this is a landmark achievement!! This is an organically modelled teddy bear, done in less then an hour!

One week ago, I couldn't do this...
Two days with your book gave me the skills needed to enter the realm of organic character modelling, a skill set I've been trying to get for 15+ years!!

Furry Bear above may look very basic, but to me I'm totally over the moon with this achievement. You've opened a door for me that I couldn't put a dent in for 15+ years. Now I have a whole new realm of 3D creativity to learn and explore.

Thank you very much, Jonny, I really appreciate you taking the time to write this series of books and I look forward to continuing to learn from them as I move on to Hamish's model.

Paul Boland.