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Thread: 3D cars... in need of meshes.

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    3D cars... in need of meshes.

    I've got a pretty massive project coming my way involving after market sports cars.

    I need about a dozen full 3D models of cars (models only, with textures preferable, very accurate exteriors, interior or mechanical details aren't necessary).

    Does anyone know of any resources similar to out there where I might be able to track these kinds of assets down?

    Or, if any artists out there might want to be hired to create these from scratch, contact me. It would require about 2-3 cars a week though... so only folks with serious experience please.

    It's 'fast and the furious' style cars, btw.

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    has some cars, and they have some other meshes if you become an exclusive member. Not sure what they have in the car category for the membership but it might be worth a look.


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