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Thread: Still Renders Needed

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    Still Renders Needed

    I need someone to do some still renders of playground safety tiles. For the first one see attached image sf0815. I need a surface rendered in the same perspective – no shadowing or anything. I want to do a random design. The “base” should be the attached beige.pdf. The balance of the colors should be the red, green and blue pdfs. The surfaces can be computer generated if you want like the attached srf file so long as they are close to the pdf scans. I've also attached the tile object and a 15x15 tile scene.

    The image (IFCK) is simply an example of a random design – this is the type of design I am looking for in the render – it does not have to be exact just use this as a guideline. Render can just be square (I will cut to shape in PS) but needs to have the same amount of tiles.

    Let me know a cost.

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    Nobody wants to make some $? I really need this right away.

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    I'll send some artists your way!

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    I would be more than happy to help, do you have an idea of your budget per image - Im in the UK so our fee's will differ. I can however start work at once. see my website link above my avatar for examples of my work

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    Have you already got an answer?

    I would like to understand more what your needs are. That is if you still need this.
    It's not impossible, just unlikely.


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