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Thread: So happy,I have received my prize from NEWTEK

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    lol i feel some kinda of different enviroument here.. if that is what im thinking NT's have my vote even if its meanless yet,soon will be posting my projects here
    i feel bit embaressed to post 'em here due to the fact ppl here are too PRO hehe ,considering im learning all by myself with Tuts material so far and course i might take a course soon anyways soon ill take courage and post em here
    wrong thread to expose that but right time
    LW FTW
    LW 9.5x looks just perfect for me now
    hmmm you no wut ima start posting my Noob projects from now on an i hope i wont be reason for funny jokes in the backstage lol
    kidding guys
    wont go any further coz this is the wrong thread to exposure of my ideas lol sounded a bit weirdo but just found a great opportunity to get back to this forum and reintroduce myself
    aight folks im out

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    Quote Originally Posted by virtualcomposer View Post
    Congrats man! Now you got me wanting a Newtek cap!

    Word, Right!

    I know that must have felt really nice receiving your prizes.

    Having never entered a 3D contest for the packages I own, I have to say CONGRATS to everyone who participated!

    As a person who didnt enter, I recognize the time, talent, ingenuity and courage that is required to enter these things so everyone involved deserves PROPS!

    "With THIS!, you could be like GOD!" - Kozer, Blake's 7

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    Congrats Alatoy, your entry was fun to watch!

    As to NEWTEK hats, I have but one and wear it only rarely.
    Last week I left it on a restaurant table,,,,, I know, I should
    be flogged! One phone call, a 50 mile round trip and the NT hat
    is once again mine.

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