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Thread: Reinstalling an older version

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    Reinstalling an older version

    This question may have been asked before, however after searching for it, I'm yet to find an answer, or a post on this topic.

    I want to reinstall lightwave 7.5b, because 7.5c is starting to chap my arse..... is it straight forward, or are there loopholes to watch out for?

    Can I just backup the files I want to keep, delete the Lightwave 7.5c folder, then reinstall lightwave?

    thankyou. I apologise for my ignorance.

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    I'd keep all the plugins from 7.5c, as well as the prefs files you need. Don't forget to save out your keyboard layouts and menu configs as well. Once you have all that set aside, delete the ENTIRE lightwave folder from your HD, then install whatever version you want. Remember that 7.5b on the Mac has a bug with transparency/translucency or something, so you would be better off with 7.5. If you don't have 7.5, stick with 7.5c.

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    Thankyou very much. I'll go with 7.5, and stick to your plan. Thanks once again.


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