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Thread: Help!My computer rebooted while Rendering video, how to repair?

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    Help!My computer rebooted while Rendering video, how to repair?

    My video near finish rendering, however, the computer rebooted......

    The video is saved as AVI, uncompressed,

    Since it is a uncompressed video, I think it just lost the AVI videoheader

    but how to fix it? Is there someone faced the same problem?

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    Well all I can comment on is the hard lesson of learning and changing your workflow so that you render image sequences instead of movies so in case of whatever you can pick up right where the problem happened.


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    i have lost a couple renders due to my computer overheating mid-render. i fixed the problem with a new CPU heatsink and fan. this is probably nothing like your situation, but the easiest solution is to always render image sequences and comp them together in a video editing software. this way if a render gets cut short for any reason, you can just pick up at whatever frame was finished before the reboot and not lose an entire nights rendering on one file.

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    Yeah! Do as avkills says... any serious project should be saved as image sequence not AVI.
    Even to composite or VFX, image sequence works great!

    It's a long shot but try to use "VirtualDub" and check if it can load the AVI... I personally doubt it... in fact.. no header.. no file!

    Wish you the best, good luck!

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    This is a cardinal rule for sure...just like the warning not to eat yellow snow!
    What happened to you is a good example, but also, what if the render DOES complete, and you find a few minor artifacts here and there? If you render out sequences, you can isolate only the frames that need to be redone.


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