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No one is debating the judges ability to judge their own contest. Just that some entires didn't merit acceptance by not meeting the requirements, nevermind get judged. This is independent of the 'art' of the entries.
You may not be debating the Judges ability to judge their own contest, but I am. If you look at the top three winners you see nothing to do with original work. The dancing robot has been done to death using other objects. The Final Fantasy-xbox/PSP3 of the second winner isn't original. If you look at all the winners and go back and look at NewTek's old PR reels you'll see most of this stuff there, in one form or another.

The people judging are stuck in a rut and that rut is making NewTek look old and out of step with the 3D industry. I agree with the other thread and what has been said in this one. It is all kiddie-toy stuff.