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    Originally Posted by Surrealist.

    How would you like it if the NT marketing team said, well we'll have them subbit what they want but we'll pick the coolest sexiest one for siggy because we don't want to look uncool. Then we'll tell everybody it was the winner. How lame would that be?
    Matter of fact I think they should open up the rules a lil more and blatantly called the contest: BEST and "KEWL" Animation Contest, they can use Combustion & After Effects, thye got 4 months and add a seat of Zbrush to a seat of Lightwave, Sasquatch or Fprime.

    Muthaf**kas would come out of the woodworks.
    CGtalk does it and its very effective.

    Humble Opinion anyway.

    I can see some reading this ..going well you just saying that because you like that "kewl" style and I would answer..and so does the all the 16-28 year olds demographic who are deciding to go to college, go see Iron Man, Batman II, Hulk, Hellboy and buy PS3-Xbox en mass.
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