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Thread: Needed - 2 persion 4x3 live set

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    Back in the Moutains on the Canadian border surounded by Deer, Quail, little Bunnies, clean water, air with real oxygen, the toe-headed offspring of the pioneers who settled up here, the neighbor's Milk Cows and Jillions of tiny Chipmunks. Whoo Hoo
    I'm kind of on the fly tonight.
    Don't have time to read through everything.
    I'm not clear whether you have a finished set or not.
    If, or when you do, how much will it be?
    The big gripe about this system so far is the great looking but limited sets.
    This would be a huge help.

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    This set is a work in progress since I am using the inputs in ways they were not used before.
    When the bugs are worked out, then I will concentrate on an actual set to use this theory of mine.

    Stay tuned,
    Jose Burgos
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