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Thread: Question for those who have DFX+

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    Question Question for those who have DFX+


    I'm pondering the upgrade package to LW8 and DFX+. One thing I did want to check out. DFX+ website says it supports After Effects plugins.

    a) Is this true?
    b) How well do they work? Keyframeable?


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    a - Yes

    b - The ones I have tried have worked just fine, just like they do in AE.

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    My understanding is that they support only a certain percentage of AE plugins, but I don't think there's a definitive list of what's supported.

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    Well all of my AE plugins seem to work well. Although I only have a half dozen or so.

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    All mine work too

    in fact I find them easyer to control in DFX!
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